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Support Worker Award

Sponsored by Unison Scotland

This award is for an individual involved in providing excellent NHS non-clinical support services for people in Scotland.

Support workers make an important contribution to our NHS and the care of patients. A support worker delivers hand on care, and also works behind the scenes to improve patient care and could be an ancillary assistant, a domestic assistant, a catering assistant, a care at home worker or a porter - to name but a few.

Is there someone who deserves special recognition for their efforts and dedication to the work they do? Tell us about the person you want to nominate - what is it about them that makes their contribution to NHSScotland so special?

Your nomination must be for an individual support worker who is providing care/services either working in an NHS, a Health and Social Care Partnership or in a Local Authority environment (delivering integrated health and social care services).

Please note that teams and groups cannot be nominated for this award. If you want to nominate a support a team or group, why not nominate them for the 'Top Team' Award'.

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